Creating an Affiliate Widget

This guide outlines how to add Bancor's affiliate widget to your app

Any developer can generate revenue (up to 3% on each transaction) by adding Bancor trading into their product.

This guide will discuss how to create an affiliate widget, but you can also embed Bancor's pre-built affiliate widget into your app to earn affiliate fees directly on the blockchain, or in code by calling Bancor's quickConvert function.

Step #1: Configure Your Widget

  • Navigate to the Bancor Convert Widget site

  • Configure the widget settings as you wish:

    • Type: We allow you to work with 4 different options of widget.

      • Default : This is the classic horizontal widget display that fits window width.

      • No Widget : This option allows you to create your own button or call to action trigger that opens the widget

      • Express : This is more focused on tokens with a large call to action

      • Express Vertical : This is the correct option for if you'd like to set the widget on a sidebar

    • blockchainTypes: You can choose to show tokens from a specific blockchain only

      • empty (default): Support tokens from all blockchains

      • ethereum : Limit to Ethereum tokens

      • eos : Limit to EOS tokens

      • poa : Limit to PoA

      • You can select more than 1 option if you'd like to support partial list of blockchains.

    • baseCurrencyId: This is the default token that will be visible in the toToken (the destination token)

    • pairCurrencyId: This is the default token that will be visible in the fromToken (the origin token you would like to start with or convert out of)

    • primaryColor: This is the main color of the widget. It will be used for all call-to-action items and text

    • containerId: You can change the container name for the widget. We suggest that you leave this as is if you're not sure

    • displayCurrency: On the widget, we indicate the estimated value of each transaction in a display currency. You can set the widget to use one of 3 supported currencies:

      • USD

      • EUR

      • ETH

    • primaryColorHover (optional): For better user experience, we suggest using the hover color indication. This will allow users to see a different color when they hover on a button

    • affiliateFee: This is the fee you wish to take from the transaction as an affiliate. Value should be passed as a decimal between 0-3.0000. For example, pass 1.5 if the fee is set to 1.5%.

    • affiliateAccount: This is the recipient account that collects the affiliate fee from the transaction. Currently we support an Ethereum wallet address in this field. Please pass a valid Ethereum wallet. You will see an error if the wallet format is not valid.

    • Hide Volume: Select this checkbox if you wish to hide volume generated from the widget. This is only relevant for the "default" widget Type

    • Unlock Base Currency: Select this checkbox if you wish to enable the user to change both fromToken and toToken. If you leave this empty, the user will limited to convert from and to the token indicated in the toToken. For example, if you select toToken to be BNT, the widget will support any token-to-BNT or BNT-to-token conversions.

Step #2: Embed Your Widget

Time to copy and paste the code into your site.

  • Paste the main div into the desired location on your site. The widget will be injected here.

<div class="bancor-wc" id="bancor-dd-id-1"></div>;
  • Insert these scripts at the end of your html file (use the snippet on the widget site)

<script src=""></script>
const widgetInstance = BancorConvertWidget.createInstance({
"type": "3",
"baseCurrencyId": "594bb7e468a95e00203b048d",
"pairCurrencyId": "5937d635231e97001f744267",
"primaryColor": "#102644",
"widgetContainerId": "bancor-dd-id-1",
"displayCurrency": "ETH"

If you wish to open the widget with your own custom call-to-action, use this code (relevant for the "no widget" type).

To open the popup programmatically, run this snippet: (Click Here to try)