Single-Side Liquidity

Bancor supports Single-Sided Staking for any listed asset.

Bancor natively supports Single-Sided Liquidity Provision of tokens in a liquidity pool. This is one of the main benefits to liquidity providers that distinguishes Bancor from other DeFi staking protocols.

Typical AMM liquidity pools require a liquidity provider to provide two assets. Meaning, if you wish to deposit "TKN1" into a pool, you would be forced to sell 50% of that token and trade it for "TKN2". When providing liquidity, your deposit is composed of both TKN1 and TKN2 in the pool.

Bancor Single-Side Staking changes this and enables liquidity providers to:

  • Provide only the token they hold (TKN1 from the example above)

  • Collect liquidity providers fees in TKN1

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