Etherscan Basics

When reading a contract on Etherscan, you have the option to access the Read and Write functions of that contract.

Read functions allow you to access data and information stored by the contract.

Write functions allow you to interact with the contract using your own wallet (MetaMask/WalletConnect) and trigger transactions on the contract.

Bancor contracts are using Proxy which means you will need to use the Read as Proxy and Write as Proxy options to interact with the contract

How to Connect to Etherscan

  1. Navigate to

  2. Search for an address. You can also search for a token symbol (e.g., 'BNT') in some cases. If the address you are viewing belongs to a contract, the option to view the contract will appear.

When inputting numbers you should always use the WEI format. e.g., 1 ETH should be written as 1+10^18 (1000000000000000000)

Always ensure you use the correct number of decimals for the token you are interacting with.

e.g., USDC has 6 decimals which means the correct input for 1 USDC in WEI = 1+10^6 (1000000)

Not sure about the token decimal, check this guide

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