Multisig Rights

Powers of the Bancor DAO MSIG

  • The Bancor DAO MSIG governs all aspects of Bancor V3 and is responsible for the execution of decisions that are made by the Bancor DAO.

  • In emergency situations, the Bancor DAO MSIG can call the “pause” function which will pause the entire protocol. As long as the “pause” is ongoing, no deposits, withdrawals or transactions can be made until the protocol is “unpaused”. This would likely be called by the Gnosis safe 2 wallet.

MSIG rule

5/7 members must sign for a transaction to be executed.

MSIG Signers

  1. Foundation proposed signatory

  2. Foundation proposed signatory

  3. Foundation proposed signatory

  4. Matic proposed signatory

  5. Harvest Finance proposed signatory

  6. 88 MPH proposed signatory

  7. WOO DAO proposed signatory

Expectation of Signers

  • They have Bancor’s best interest at heart

  • They will faithfully execute the will of the Bancor DAO as expressed by their votes

  • They will be available to sign a tx when needed based on the following flow:

    1. Bancor DAO votes

    2. Bancor DAO MSIG performs the will of the voters

      • All decisions are effective immediately (upon final vote outcome)

      • The MSIG implementation stage follows:

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