Liquidity Data

The events to track liquidity data

Bancor version 3 pools allow unlimited deposits, but, only a predetermined amount is available for trading. The amount of trading liquidity is determined by the Bancor DAO for each token, denominated in BNT. These values can be tracked from Events with the parameters Total Liquidity & Trading Liquidity.

  • Total Liquidity: The total number of tokens deposited into a pool. All liquidity is protected from impermanent loss and represented by pool tokens (bnToken).

  • Trading Liquidity: The number of tokens available for trading. This number is used to determine the rate and slippage for each trade.

For example if:

  • TOKEN is trading at 1 TOKEN = 1 BNT.

  • The trading liquidity for TOKEN is set to 100,000 BNT

  • 250,000 TOKEN are deposited

Total Liquidity would equal 250,000.

Trading liquidity would equal 100,000.


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