Withdrawing funds

It is highly recommended to call the function isPoolStable() to check if the withdrawal can currently be processed before calling withdraw().

Every pending withdrawal has a unique ID. To get a list of pending withdrawals for an address, see withdrawalRequestIds().

Function withdraw()

function withdraw(uint256 id) external whenNotPaused nonReentrant returns (uint256)

withdraw() is a function that burns the pool tokens and sends the underlying asset to the beneficiary wallet address.

Function Arguments




The id of the pending withdrawal that was initiated by the initWithdrawal transaction

Withdrawing the BNT token requires vBNT tokens in your wallet equal to the number of pool tokens being withdrawn.

vBNT must be approved in order to successfully complete this process

Return Variables

This function returns the number of tokens received from the withdrawal.

Variable TypeDescription


The number of tokens withdrawn.

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