Custom Rewards Programs

The default rewards schedule was designed to "fit all," providing a good balance between program length and emissions. However, Bancor enables flexibility which allows projects to design their own custom rewards schedule and control the different parameters that affect the duration and emission.

Customizable Emissions

Bancor supports two types of programs that can be adjusted by the projects:

Flat (linear) emission


Flat emissions will emit the same amount of tokens per second for the selected duration.

Please indicate the following value:

  • Time span: The length of the program (i.e. 365 days, 58,800 minutes, etc).

Exponential decay emission


Exponential decay emission will emit an ever-reducing amount of rewards over time using a bonding curve.

Please indicate the following value:

  • Half life: This value indicates the time needed to give out half the available rewards. (i.e. setting this to 1 year, will force to give half of available rewards over the first year, then half of the remainder over the next year, etc.)

Requesting a Custom Rewards Program

To create a custom rewards schedule, create a post in our governance forum with:

  1. The TX in which the LP tokens were sent to the External Rewards contract

  2. The market price of the Token & BNT at the time it was sent

  3. The desired rewards schedule, including:

    1. The time span / half life

    2. The distribution type (linear or exponential)

Example Request

Topic: Custom Rewards Program for our Token

Hey Bancor,

We would like to create a custom auto compounding rewards schedule for our token! 

Here is the TX in which we sent the pool tokens: 0xfb321f16f08aea1d378efc8d82d26d02e5319863e9c131262a4f6cfa2004d4a4

Market price of Token: $0.25
Market price of BNT: $1.36
Rewards Time length: 2 years
Distribution type: linear


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