How to Create an Auto Compounding Rewards Program

This section explains how to create an Auto Compounding Rewards Program using available bnTokens in your wallet.

You will need to first add liquidity (deposit) to the pool to receive bnTokens

Transfer bnTokens to the rewards contract

This section explains how to transfer bnTokens to the Auto Compounding Rewards contract:

  1. Open your wallet and select the bnToken that will be given as rewards

  2. Set the ExternalRewardsVault (on etherscan) contract address as the recipient

  3. Transfer the bnTokens

Once pool tokens have been sent, the DAO multisig will set them up for distribution according to the default rewards schedule, unless a custom rewards schedule has been communicated beforehand. See Custom Rewards Programs for more details.

Default Rewards Schedule

The default rewards schedule is:

  • Length: 1 year

  • Distribution: Linear (flat)

This means that rewards would be distributed equally over a 1-year time span.

Assume 50,000 bnTokens were transferred
Emission would be:
50,000 bnTokens / 365 days = 136.9863013699 bnTokens per day 

Reward Implementation by the DAO

The DAO multisig implements required tasks, such as rewards programs, periodically (typically twice a week).

Once implemented, the program will start and value will start moving to the liquidity providers.

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