Deposit and Join

This section outlines the process to deposit tokens into a Bancor liquidity pool and join the rewards program in a single transaction.

This process reduces gas costs and ensures your tokens are earning the maximum available yield.

1. Approve

In order for the contract to interact with the tokens in your wallet and perform the transaction, an Approval must be set first for the contract.

If you wish to deposit ETH or have already set approval for a very large amount for the token, skip to step 3.

  • Visit the relevant token contract. This can be found on Etherscan by searching for the token ticker, or by clicking the Etherscan link on Coingecko token pages. For example: BNT | DAI | LINK

  • Connect your wallet as explained in "Using Etherscan"

  • Execute the Approve function (this is a Write function)


The address of the StandardRewards found here


The amount you would like to approve (it can be identical or larger than the amount you wish to deposit, BUT NOT LESS) in WEI format as explained here

  • Click Write to sign the Approve in your wallet

2. Function latestProgramId()

In order to join the latest rewards program, you first need to identify the token's program ID.

  • Visit the StandardRewards contract on etherscan

  • Execute the latestProgramId function (this is a Read function)

Input variable




The address of the token you wish to deposit

For ETH use 0xEeeeeEeeeEeEeeEeEeEeeEEEeeeeEeeeeeeeEEeE

Output response




The unique identifier for the latest program available for the input token

You will require the id value for the depositAndJoin function.

3. Function depositAndJoin()

Some pools might be in deficit which might effect the ability to withdraw the full amount you have deposited (more info).

Now that you know the program ID and have the approval in place, you are ready to deposit your tokens into the Bancor pool and rewards contracts.

Execute the depositAndJoin function, with the id you received from the first step, and the number of tokens you wish to deposit.

  • Visit the StandardRewards contract on etherscan

  • Execute the depositAndJoin function (this is a Write function)




Note: IF ETH, indicate the ETH amount in full units (10.5 ETH should be indicated as 10.5) For any other token, this should be set to 0



The unique identifier for the latest program available for the input token (extracted in step 2)



The token (i.e BNT, ETH, DAI, LINK) amount you would like to deposit (using WEI format explained here)

Once executed successfully, the following will happen:

  1. Your tokens will be deposited into the Bancor pool

  2. The protocol will generate bnTokens that represent your position in the pool, and automatically stake them into the rewards contract

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