Deposit tokens for ownership in a liquidity pool

Some pools might be in deficit which might effect the ability to withdraw the full amount you have deposited (more info).

Function deposit()

    function deposit(Token pool, uint256 tokenAmount)

deposit is a function that allows you to deposit tokens into a Bancor liquidity pool.

Function Arguments




The address of the token deposited into the pool



The amount to deposit

Bancor v3 use the Token address to indicate the pool mapping. Meaning, when asked to provide a pool address, you can use the token address.

All pools on Bancor are initiated with a 1:1 ratio between reserve to pool token. Once fees are collected, this ratio will change to represent the increased value of pool tokens to reserve. For example, if the ratio is 1 pool token : 2 reserve, it means that the pool token value has doubled since initiation.

BNT Deposits

When you deposit BNT into the Bancor pool, you will receive vBNT equal to the number of pool tokens.

Bancor v3 supports infinity pools and deposits as a result. However, the trading liquidity is limited based on the poolFundingLimit() function.

See Errors and Troubleshooting for a list of common errors and how to resolve them.

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