Minting USDB

This guide will show you how to mint USDB and create a stable-to-stable liquidity pool via the Co-Trader interface.

USDB, a stable token backed by BNT, can be used to create stable liquidity pools on Katana Pools.

Stable:Stable pools (e.g., DAI:USDB or USDT:USDB) eliminate price movements in the pool’s assets, eliminating impermanent loss arising from normal token fluctuations and maximizing the profitability of conversion fees.

Step #1: Unlock BNT

  • Navigate to the USDB page on Peg Network

  • On the Quick Actions tab in the Deposit section, click Unlock BNT

  • Confirm this transaction

Step #2: Mint USDB

  • On the Quick Actions tab in the Borrow section, you'll see the balance you have available to mint. This will be 50% of the value of the BNT you’ve deposited

  • Input the amount you'd like to borrow in USDB and click Borrow

  • Confirm this transaction