Managing Ownership of Liquidity Pools
This guide instructs how a new owner can accept or transfer ownership of a Bancor liquidity pool.

Accepting Ownership

Note that only the address that has been transferred ownership will be able to accept.
From time to time, you may need to upgrade your Converter contract. In order to upgrade, you'll need to transfer ownership from the wallet that previously deployed the token contract. Once ownership has been transferred, the target address will have to accept it.
  • Navigate to the converter contract on Etherscan
  • Execute the acceptOwnership function

Transferring Ownership

In some cases, you may want to transfer ownership of your Converter contract. Most likely, you'll be doing this during the converter upgrade process.
  • Navigate to the converter contract on Etherscan
  • In the WriteContract section, execute the transferOwnership function with the following parameter:
    • _newOwner: This is the address of the new owner or the ConverterUpgrader contract in the case of an upgrade
Last modified 8mo ago