Contract Registry

The contract registry keeps contract addresses by name.

The owner can update contract addresses so that a contract name always points to the latest version

of the given contract.

Other contracts can query the registry to get updated addresses instead of depending on specific


Note that contract names are limited to 32 bytes UTF8 encoded ASCII strings to optimize gas costs



Function itemCount() → uint256

returns the number of items in the registry

Return Values:

  • number of items

Function addressOf(bytes32 _contractName) → address

returns the address associated with the given contract name


  • _contractName: contract name

Return Values:

  • contract address

Function registerAddress(bytes32 _contractName, address _contractAddress)

registers a new address for the contract name in the registry


  • _contractName: contract name

  • _contractAddress: contract address

Function unregisterAddress(bytes32 _contractName)

removes an existing contract address from the registry


  • _contractName: contract name

Function getAddress(bytes32 _contractName) → address

deprecated, backward compatibility

Event AddressUpdate(bytes32 _contractName, address _contractAddress)

triggered when an address pointed to by a contract name is modified


  • _contractName: contract name

  • _contractAddress: new contract address